The Veggie Wagon Launches VEGGIEWAGONMEALS.COM

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The Veggie Wagon wants to help the community we all work and live in by donating meals to the Federal Point Help Center. Hunger doesn't discriminate nor have seasons; through our meals program, we are hoping we will be able to alleviate some of the food shortage within our community. Using our specialized production capabilities and team members we ...

From One Berry to Another!

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Well the heat?has finally hit and?with this the?season for strawberries has quickly come to a close... this being said bring on the blueberries!!!!! Blueberries have been around since Native American times and were used back then as ?healthy snacks and? for medicinal purposes. Blueberries originate from flowering shrubs that are native to North America, Northern Europe, and Eastern Asia.??Blueberries are ...

From Farm Test

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Hi were from the farm